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Baked Goods + Gift Certificates + Merchandise

Baked Goods

Sandra Abu Zelli, Santa Barbara-based chef, baker and owner of Gipsy Hill Bakery, creates Lefty's organic, artisanal baked goods. All ingredients are organic, fair trade, and produce is locally sourced - and all our packaging is compostable! Our selection includes sweet and savory brioche and muffins, cookies, special pies and cakes - and of course, Lefty's Organic Vegan Granola Bar.

Lefty's Organic Vegan Granola

Created in collaboration with Sandra Abu Zelli of Gipsy Hill Bakery, Lefty's cherry walnut granola is organic, vegan, gluten-free. You can pair it with any of our organic milks or vegan coconut yogurt, and it's available as a parfait, with organic fruit compote made with local produce. Also available in two sizes to take home!

Lefty's Merchandise

We've got traditional ceramic mugs, 100% recyclable travel cups - and a variety of shirts made with soft, organic cotton - all featuring our favorite big little dog, Lefty.

Lefty's Gift Certificates

Want to show your fellow coffee afficianados and loved ones a little appreciation? Give the gift of Lefty's - in any amount you want.

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