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Back of Laura Newman wearing Lefty's Coffee Co. t-shirt with tattooed arms spread out to the side

Baked Goods + Gift Certificates + Merchandise

Baked goods on plywood table, including frosted cinammon bun, pretzel roll with cheese, currant scone, muffin with confectioner's sugar

Baked Goods

Our selection of fresh, artisanal baked goods includes muffins, cookies, cinnamon buns, poppy seed and pretzel twists. And of course, Lefty's Vegan Granola! We use locally sourced organic ingredients whenever possible, and our menu updates frequently. All our packaging and serveware is compostable.

Compostable cellophane bags including Lefty's Organic Granola and Lefty's Super Snack trail mix

Lefty's Vegan Granola & Super Snack

Our granola is organic, vegan and gluten-free, made with dried fruit and nuts. You can pair it with any of our organic milks or organic vegan coconut yogurt - or enjoy it as a parfait, layered with yogurt and organic fruit compote made with local produce. Also available in two sizes to take home!

Lefty's Super Snack is perfect on the go - everything's organic except the edamame!



Honeybear is an organic orchard and vineyard in Los Olivos, perched on a hilltop above a wild-growth culvert. We believe in sustainable and organic practices, small-scale growing and the idea of enoughness. With the spirited notion of maximum diversity, we grow pluots, peaches, plums, nectarines, apricots, mulberries, olallieberries, apples, pears, persimmons and so much more. In winter, we grind our jojoba seeds to make oil, and by spring our peppery olive oil is ready for the bottle. Stop by Lefty’s to see what’s fresh and in-season!

Lifelike leather horse head with gray Lefty's baseball cap, wearing black Lefty's T-shirt and holding a white ceramic Lefty's coffee mug and travel coffee mug

Lefty's Merchandise

We've got traditional ceramic mugs, 100% recyclable travel cups - and a variety of shirts made with soft, organic cotton - all featuring our favorite big little dog, Lefty.

Hands with silver rings and metal bracelet hold Lefty's Coffee Co. Gift Certificate

Lefty's Gift Certificates

Want to show your fellow coffee afficianados and loved ones a little appreciation? Give the gift of Lefty's - in any amount you want.

Wooden Lefty's Bookshop sign on top of book shelf filled with fiction novels at Lefty's Coffee Co.

Lefty's Bookshop

What's better than your favorite cup of coffee and a delicious treat? Your favorite cup of coffee, a delicious treat - and an incredible book! Lefty's curated selection features fiction from diverse, eclectic and progressive authors in line with our ethos. It's the only place to get books in Los Olivos, and we bring in new books every month!

Ceramic cups, bowl, mug and jar with lid by ceramicist Sharon Mann at Lefty's Coffee Co.

The Ceramics Collection

We worked with Sharon Mann and other local artists to create Lefty's Ceramics Collection - cups, bowls and jars specifically designed to contain Lefty's coffee, teas, granola and more. All the pieces are handmade and one of a kind.

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