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A decade ago, we fell in love with the coffee and granola at a little hippy cafe in rural Wyoming. That place became our barometer for warmth and a sense of community, for badass coffee and amazing comfort food. After years of searching, we finally decided to do it ourselves - and found the perfect spot for our own coffee and sweets in Los Olivos, California.

Lefty's is inspired by ideals from the hippy and punk movements: Peace, love, equality, acceptance and respect for every human being regardless of age, race, gender, orientation, background or physical ability - and breaking boundaries, rebelling against the status quo, thinking for oneself and letting the creative spirit fly. This mash-up of spirit is about action, inclusion and intention around sustainability. Our mission is to help keep our planet healthy and be leaders in good will for all.


The choices we make at Lefty's - how food and drink are sourced, processed and transported, and how we run our business - are local, organic, sustainable and small-scale. We choose suppliers based on their like-mindedness and commitment to fair trade and organic sourcing. In our retail space, we implement "green" processes and products that reduce greenhouse gases.


We support those who may be under-resourced, disadvantaged or marginalized by focusing on equal opportunity, just compensation and the benevolent participation and empowerment of our employees, patrons, and purveyors alike. We focus equally on our staff, customers, community and the environment.


We believe there's power in building community and being stewards of the environment. We'll all collectively reap the benefits - while enjoying the luscious pleasures of a great cup of coffee!

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