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Lefty’s Is Now B Corp Certified!

The “B” in B Corp stands for “benefit for all.” That’s why we wanted to join thousands of other B Corp Certified businesses around the world, making a legal commitment to work together to transform our global economy to benefit all people, communities and our planet. We believe that we must be the change we seek in the world.

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Brave Trails

Lefty’s has a long-term commitment to Brave Trails, a national LGBTQ+ youth leadership nonprofit. They offer accredited summer camps, backpacking trips, family camps, mental health services, year-round programs and consulting. Over $100,000 in financial assistance is offered annually, and 1,500+ kids from across the world have been served. Brave Trails is currently building the first-ever camp and community space solely dedicated to LGBTQ+ folks in the Santa Clarita Valley - and Lefty’s Coffee Co. is helping do it! 

Learn more about Brave Trails


Santa Ynez Valley Pride

SYVPride was founded in 2022 to create a safe, supportive and empowering home for the LGBTQIA+ community in the Santa Ynez Valley.  The annual SYV Pride Parade & Festival promotes collaboration with local partners, brings together the community, advocates, educates and raises funds for scholarships and events.  SYVPride is powered solely by volunteers, and Lefty’s is a proud supporter. 

Learn more about SYVPride


Local Community Activism

Since we opened our doors, Lefty’s has been dedicated to supporting our local community. Lefty’s says YES! to those in need of our help… from our local schools and students, to our local libraries, to our community of elders, to Veggie Rescue, to the local church, to People Helping People, to Feed the Valley, to the Jewish community, to events supporting local farm workers and Hispanic heritage. Lefty’s keeps a keen eye on important local, political and historical events and references, to show our commitment to sharing awareness and knowledge.     

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