Special Events, Private Parties
and Catering


Lefty's Curated Coffee Cuppings

Lefty’s Coffee Cupping….a unique and inspiring event taking a deep dive into the wonders of coffee. Around the world coffee beans are assessed by this method - smelling the aroma of dry, coarse ground beans (dry aromatics), then the wet aroma of the coffee grounds brewed in hot water (wet aromatics), ‘breaking the crust’ and releasing  the coffee underneath, and finally sipping with a spoon and experiencing the full spectrum of flavors that emerge. We use our House Blend, our Espresso Blend and a special single origin chosen for the occasion. 



Lefty’s offers a customized drink and baked goods menu for catering…including our assorted Espresso drinks, hot and cold Coffees, our special array of teas, our extraordinary Hot Chocolate and our sweet, sweet lemonade - all sourced fair trade and organic….coupled with our locally made baked cookies, muffins, galettes, coffee cake, whole pies & cakes and of course Lefty’s vegan granola bar.


Lefty's Private
Event Space

Lefty's tranquil and very private garden is an idyllic setting for any special occasion.  Nestled in the heart of Los Olivos, Lefty's provides an enchanting space for entertaining.  Surprise and delight your guests for your next intimate gathering or special occasion. On-site coffee, tea and bakery specialties available.