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Catering, Events & Private Parties

Lefty's Private Event Space

Nestled in the heart of Los Olivos, our very private garden is an idyllic setting for your special event, be it an intimate gathering or big crowd. We'll work with you to make your event a memorable success!


Lefty's customized catering menu includes assorted hot and cold espresso and brewed coffee drinks, our special array of teas, extraordinary hot chocolate, and sweet, sweet lemonade. We've got locally baked cookies, sweet and savory muffins and brioche, coffee cake, whole pies and cakes - and of course, Leftys' vegan granola and granola bars. Everything on our menu is organic and fair-trade sourced.

Curated Coffee Cuppings

Take a unique and inspiring deep dive into the wonders of coffee! Beans from all over the world are assessed by this method: First, smell the aroma of dry, coarse ground beans (dry aromatics), then wet coffee grounds brewed in hot water (wet aromatics). We move on to "breaking the crust" to release the coffee underneath, finally sipping it with a spoon to experience the full spectrum of flavors that emerge. We use our House Blend, Espresso Blend and a special single origin chosen for the occasion.

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